Sports Facilities

Hervanta campus

Sports facilities in the Hervanta campus are listed below. You can use the SportUni reservation calendar to check if a facility is free to use.

TAmppi Areena

Tamppi Areena is connected to Festia and it also has two outside doors.

SportUni's customer service for Hervanta campus is located in Tamppi Areena and it has the following sports facilities:


The bomb shelter located beneath Rakennustalo is known as Bommari. Bommari has two access routes: the elevator in Rakennustalo and the ramp in Korkeakoulunkatu.

Bommari has the following sports facilities:

  • Two floor ball courts (court 1, court 2)
  • Rebound free training wall
  • Skate ramp
  • Tatami
  • Small gym (only free weights)
  • Service point for skis and snowboards
  • Bouldering wall

outdoor gym

From the front lawn of the campus you can find the ourdoor gym and a volley ball court is located behind the main building.

Sport facilities outside of the campus

In the suburb of Hervanta you can also find the following facilities:

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Ice hockey rink
  • Leisure center
  • Commercial gyms
  • Disc golf course
  • Multiple sporting fields
  • Outdoor recreation
    • Lake Suolijärvi
      • Beach (during winter there is a chance for ice swimming)
      • Jogging paths and nature trails
    • Lake Hervantajärvi
      • Beach
      • Nature trails