TaTSi - Tampereen akateeminen 

Trikkaus- ja Sirkuskerho 

TaTSi is a student-driven club for everyone at Tampere University. We are focusing on tricking, acrobatics, strength, calisthenics and various circus disciplines. For these and more, TaTSi aims to offer a training place, equipment, and most importantly, awesome gym buddies with a nice attitude for fun sport and progressive exercise. We also arrange courses and workshops.

As our member, you get access to our practice sessions at Hervanta’s bomb shelter “bommari” and groups sports hall at Tamppi Areena. In addition, our members can practice with our equipment including juggling items, handstand canes, and a slackline, for instance. You're welcome to get familiar with our club!

When & Where?
You can train with TaTSi in the bomb shelter of Tampere University Hervanta Campus almost every day. Join as a member and ask in the Telegram group, there's someone almost every day. The official reservations are for the tatami and the group exercise room. These can be checked in Sportuni calendar.
(Fin: "Sportuni / Oma Sivu / Tilakalenteri / Hervanta Bommarin Tatami")

During the summer you can find us on the front yard. We also visit other exercise facilities in Tampere and other cities every now and then.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact any of our board members! 

We use primarily Finnish, but know english. This site is in English for convenience. Puhumme suomea!